Sofitel Sentosa Wellness. Ideal Wellness Destination on Sentosa Island.

Wellness Destination

Retreat to an immersive Wellness Destination at Sofitel Sentosa with a plethora of activities and programs to help you embark on your immersive journey. Surrender to peace and tranquility amidst lush greenery as you revitalise your mind and soul with wholesome treatments curated just for you. In celebration of Sentosa’s 50th Jubilee, look forward to a slew of inspiring Wellness Programs held across the month of June. Discover what it means to play well, eat well and rest well at Sofitel Sentosa as part of Zentosa Fest.



All packages include Complimentary Access to Sofitel SPA Garden Facilities and Choice of Wild Mushroom Wrap or Avocado Chicken Wrap with a glass of Juice of the day*



Single $490++ | Double $790++

Begin your self-care journey and discover the joys in prioritisation first as you keep track of your wellbeing. 

Inclusive of: 60-minute Private Yoga Session, Customised Personal Training Session and Choice of Massage



Single $890++ | Double $1190++

Live intentionally and find focus, calm and joy in everyday life. Seize the day, reach your goals and embrace a positive future. Commence your journey towards a mindful and well-lived life.

Inclusive of: 60-minute Private Yoga Session, Customised Personal Training Session, Body Composition & Nutritional Plan, Sound Bath Therapy Session and Choice of Massage



Single $890++ | Double $1190++

Ease into sleep with a journey in relaxation. Discover calming of the mind to relax your body for that much needed restful sleep.

Inclusive of: 60-minute Yoga Nidra Meditation, Breathwork & Yoga, Choice of Massage, Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises, and Craniosacral Therapy Session



Single $990++ | Double $1390++

Unplug and immerse yourself in nature to rejuvenate and access wonder. Enjoy the effect of combining nature with nourishing mindfulness practices. Develop a calm presence and deepen your embodied awareness.

Inclusive of: 60-minute Forest Bathing, Embodied Movement, Sound Bath Therapy Session, Private Yoga Session and Choice of Massage



Couple | $1490++

A journey through romance and connection. Be in the moment and celebrate the spontaneous opening of your heart. Spark intimacy, invigorate love and see your loved ones with fresh eyes.

Inclusive of: 60-minute Couple Yoga Session, Sound Bath Therapy Session, 90-minute Couple Embodied Sacred Intimacy,  150-minute In Love Couple Spa Journey



Please indicate Name, Package and preferred Date and Time of Availability to secure your reservation. All bookings must be made 48 hours prior.

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