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Exploring the Culinary and Mixology Wonderland, Garden by the Sea

There is the Gardens by the Bay at Marina Bay, but here at Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa, we have our own Garden by the Sea.

Located next to Kwee Zeen’s alfresco area, on what was previously an empty plot of land, is now a lush garden boasting an impressive collection of over 35 varieties of edibles, ranging from luscious fruits to vibrant vegetables and aromatic herbs.

The Garden by the Sea is part of the Resort’s initiative to enhance food resiliency.


Garden by the Sea blog post


The Garden was first seeded in late 2022 with the planting of over 10 lemon trees.A year later, the Resort regularly enjoys a bountiful harvest of lemons.

Over the past several months, more varieties of edibles have been planted, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, papayas, passionfruit, mint and thyme.

The culinary team regularly harvest the herbs to garnish their dishes, while the mixology team uses the lemon leaves to make the Sofitel Sling.

The abundance of sunlight, the cool sea breeze and the use of organic fertiliser has encouraged the robust growth of these edibles.


When you next dine at Kwee Zeen, take a leisurely stroll through this botanical masterpiece and savour the essence of a garden that brings the sea and land together.

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