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Throughout Our Resort

As of December 31, 2022, all Accor properties globally have eliminated guest-related single-use plastics, to reduce pollution caused by single-use plastics. The Resort has implemented water efficient fittings which has led to better water efficiency. Furthermore, the installation of LED lights has resulted in reduced energy consumption and improved energy savings; making Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa a Green Mark certified building.

Moreover, plant and machinery are operated on duty cycle, which enables the machinery to be operated periodically as necessary and waste is separated to ensure the trash items can be easily recycled.


The implementation of gas heating for the hot water heaters contributes towards energy saving measures as well.



In Our Guestrooms

Apart from the LED television and key card system, single-use bathroom amenities have been replaced by eco-friendly luxury amenities by Balmain. The dispensers and pumps for the shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion are 100 percent recyclable. In addition, guests are encouraged to reuse their towels and bed linen to reduce water and electricity consumption.



Our Meetings Experience

As part of the advocacy among meetings participants, a green meetings package will enable guests to adopt this as a best practice.




In Our Kitchens

To enhance our food resiliency measures, a farm has been set up to enable the culinary and mixology teams to harvest fruits, vegetables and herbs. To date, a lemon tree garden has been the pride of the Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Farm.


In March 2023, the Resort was awarded Singapore Food Agency Farm-To-Table Recognition (Highest Tier) with at least 15 percent of local produce sourced across three or more food categories (Hen Shell Eggs, Leafy Vegetables, Beansprouts and/or Fish categories). This award reinforces our Resort’s commitment to supporting local producers and at the same time, ensures we are part of a resilient food supply chain that is in alignment with the Singapore Green Plan 2030. In addition, it ensures higher quality and fresher ingredients due to a shorter period of transportation and enables the chefs to showcase uniquely created menus that highlight local flavours.


Additionally, following a review by the culinary and mixology teams and in collaboration with food tech suppliers, the restaurants and bar menus have been re-engineered to provide more green dining and cocktail options for sustainability and guests’ well-being.




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